Jacques Battini Cosmetics has entered into close cooperation
with Verto Artistico Murano Glass, bringing you perfumes
and Eau de toilette with original beads inside,made by one
of the best Murano shops.

Murano Line

Young Murano Line

The Murano Young line fragrances are characterised not only with exceptional freshness, but they are also extremely energising. Moreover, each Murano series fragrances is decorated with an exclusive element that will impress most women.

Amber Line

The uniqueness of fragrances from the Prestige de L’ambre line is emphasised with a classic flask and real Baltic amber. Each piece of amber has been processed manually to preserve its natural appearance and originality.

Body Mists

We propose a broad fragrances range of body mists, starting from elegant cream fragrances, to juicy fruit and flower notes. The mists surround the body delicately, leaving a long sensation of refreshment, not imposing their intensity.

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